Elgin Fathers' Rights Attorney

Fathers' rights are not different from mothers' rights, but it sometimes requires more effort to enforce them. As a father, you may feel that you are at a disadvantage when it comes to issues such as visitation and support.

At the Law Office of James P. Leahy in Elgin, Illinois, I represent fathers who are concerned about a loss of contact with their children following a divorce or the breakup of an unmarried relationship. I offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about your rights as a father.

Fathers and Child Rights

Some mothers take the position that the father shouldn't see his kids or should have as little access to children as possible. However, children who have good relationships with their father tend to have better relationships themselves as adults. They also tend to have fewer problems in school, fewer problems with drugs and lower rates of teen pregnancy.

Illinois courts agree that children should have frequent contact with both parents after divorce. Whether you are seeking establishment of initial visitation or increased visitation, I will give you an honest evaluation of your case so that you can make informed decisions about what next steps you want to take.

Protecting Your Visitation Rights After Divorce

Mothers who are still angry after divorce may not provide you the visitation you are entitled to under your parenting time agreement. You may also find yourself competing with little league, karate classes and other extracurricular activities that can take away time that children spend with you.

You have a right to be involved in your child's life, and as your attorney I'll help you protect your visitation rights.

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