Elgin Paternity Attorney

An increasing number of child support and visitation cases in Illinois involve parents who were never married. At the Law Office of James P. Leahy in Elgin, Illinois, I represent unmarried mothers and fathers in matters of child support and visitation. I offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions.

Unmarried parents generally have the same rights as married parents. However, paternity must first be established before a mother has a right to support or a father has a right to visitation. Parentage can be established either by agreement or by a DNA test.

Child Support for Unmarried Parents

Children in Illinois have a right to be supported by both parents, whether their parents are married or not. Mothers seeking child support can obtain free assistance from the Illinois Department of Child Support Enforcement.

If you are a father who is subject to a paternity action, it is in your financial interests to take a DNA test before you admit to being a child's father. As the child's father, you will be responsible for supporting your child until he or she reaches 18. You may also be required to contribute to your child's college education.

Visitation Rights for Unmarried Father

As your lawyer, I will help you obtain a parenting plan that provides you frequent contact with your child. I often represent unmarried fathers after the mothers have cut off contact with children following the breakup of a relationship.

If you think you are the father of a child and want to have a say in whether your child can be put up for adoption, you can register with the Illinois Putative Father Registry.

Contact an Illinois Lawyer for Paternity DNA Testing

I offer a free initial consultation to new clients. To speak to an Elgin paternity lawyer, contact me by e-mail or call my office at 847-348-8692 (toll free at 888-596-0289).