3 top reasons for motorcycle accidents

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For some, motorcycles are for weekend road trips to get out of the city and soak up some fresh air. For others, bikes are the primary mode of transportation every day to and from work and school. No matter where you ride or how often, a car or animal may come out of nowhere, causing you to crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in a crash than those in passenger vehicles. Here are the top three reasons for motorcycle accidents.

1. Left-hand turns

One of the most dangerous driving situations for motorcyclists is making the left-hand turn. You are putting yourself in the middle of four oncoming lanes of traffic and have to trust your observation skills to keep an eye out for those in the other lanes, those who may not notice the light change or have their focus on their phone and not the world around them.

2. Road hazards

Not all roads are the same, especially when it comes to maintenance. With two wheels instead of four, changes in the road surface are more obvious and therefore more dangerous. Slippery roads, loose gravel, uneven pavement and unseen debris account for many accidents.

3. Drugs and alcohol

When a person indulges in drugs and alcohol and then drives a motorcycle, they have a high chance of killing themselves or someone else. Approximately 43% of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve alcohol. Do not drink and drive.

No matter the reasons for driving your motorcycle keep aware of your surroundings so you do not put yourself in the hospital.