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Keeping Your Life on Track when You Can’t Work

When your work injury keeps you at home, you may worry about how to keep your household running. Your workers’ compensation benefits include wage reimbursement when you cannot work. Though they often cover only two-thirds of your typical weekly wages, they will help you pay most household bills while you recover.

Your employer may not be forthcoming regarding your benefits. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can take the stress off of you by fighting for the payments you deserve, so you can focus on recovering from your injury or illness. I fight for every clients’ rights at James P. Leahy Attorney At Law, and I have over 35 years of experience, so you can trust my knowledge of Illinois workers’ compensation law.

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Disability Benefits May Help You Recover

When you are out of work for more than three days, you may need either temporary or permanent disability benefits. There are four different types of disability benefits, including:

  • Temporary partial disability: These short-term benefits are meant to help you while you recover from your injury.

  • Temporary total disability: If you cannot work at all, but are expected to return to work at a later date, you may qualify for this short-term benefit.

  • Permanent partial disability: When your injury is permanent, but only partially affects your ability to work, you may receive an award of benefits based on the type of injury.

  • Permanent total disability: For the most severe injuries, you may never be able to return to the type of work you previously performed. In those cases, you qualify for lifelong disability benefits.

You may not know right away what type of benefits you will qualify for. Contact me to discuss the benefits your employer should provide to you.

When Should You Return to Work?

You should never return to work until you are medically ready to do so. Your employer may try to force you to come back or threaten to fire you if you do not return. If that happens to you, contact a lawyer immediately. Your doctor will recommend work limitations, whether staying home completely or limiting your duties at work. Make sure your doctor documents your ability to work and any restrictions that you have, and you should not work beyond those restrictions. Not only could you further injure yourself, but you may also give your employer reason to deny benefits because they will say you can work.

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