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Car Accident Fatalities on The Rise in Illinois

Law Office Of James P. Leahy May 27, 2021

Car accidents are a serious threat that can lead to expensive medical bills or loss of life. 

Analysis by the Chicago Tribune indicates that fatalities from car collisions in Illinois rose to a 13-year high in 2020. Here is what you need to know about this worrying statistic. 

Who Is Most at Risk?

A car accident can happen to anyone, but some people are more at risk than others. 

Many fatal accidents likely involve people engaged in risky behavior like speeding, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Teens are also at higher risk of collisions. The National Safety Council reports that teens account for 3.9% of all drivers but are drivers in 8.6% of total crashes. 

How Can You Protect Yourself and Others?

Car drivers should remain alert, follow all traffic laws and stay within the speed limit. Distracted driving is a common cause of crashes, and cell phone use often plays a part. Drivers should utilize hands-free technology or avoid using their cell phones altogether while operating a vehicle. 

Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists should take precautions, including: 

  • Ensuring they are visible to cars and other vehicles 

  • Following traffic laws and obeying traffic signs 

  • Taking extra caution at night and in inclement weather 

The parents of teens should talk with their teenagers about safe driving practices and how to prevent collisions

Even the most cautious drivers can still be the victim of a car crash. Those involved in an accident may have legal options to pursue compensation for medical bills and other costs.