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Legal Experience Brings Better Results

Law Office Of James P. Leahy Feb. 10, 2021

When you suffer an injury or experience a wrongful situation, your first instinct is likely to turn to an attorney for help. But there are many attorneys out there and not all of them have the experience that can yield effective results for your case.

According to the American Bar Association, as of 2018, there were 1,338,678 licensed attorneys in the U.S. To help you find a good lawyer to represent you, make sure your attorney has the experience you need by asking him or her certain questions upon hiring.

What Are Your Case Results Like?

Although an attorney may have worked on many personal injury cases, this does not necessarily mean the case results were overwhelmingly positive. Inquire into the attorney’s rate of success when working on cases.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have in Trial?

Many cases go to court, but not all attorneys have experience in the courtroom. Ask your attorney what his or her experience is like taking different cases to trial.

How Do You Approach Different Cases?

Every legal case is different and so should the approach to resolving it. Talk to your attorney about how he or she approaches cases and adapts based on his or her experience in the field.

Effective attorneys are constantly adapting and changing to meet the demands of their caseloads, drawing upon past experience. Before you work with an attorney, do your research into his or her experience and what this experience looks like to ensure your case will receive the attention it deserves.